Tube Bending Innovation

We lead the field through innovation.

Innovation And Product Design. Leading the Way for Over 40 Years

We are proud to have invented and patented the first all-electric tube and pipe bending machine in 1994. Being the only company that has over 20 years’ experience in all-electric tube bending ensures there are very few applications we haven’t come across.

Here are just a couple of our inventions:

An invaluable source of tube bending knowledge and assistance and is a welcome companion to anyone faced with evaluating tooling requirements for production or costing purposes. The calculator works on all mainstream mobile devices so an engineer on site can use it as easily as an office based designer.

We are constantly developing and improving this smart tool to help the tube bending community, as we know it provides excellent support – after all our competitors use it, so it must be good!

Bespoke Design

Our dynamic team at Unison have over 20 years’ experience in designing leading edge solutions to our customers problems. Lateral thinking and applied thought have seen the team recently design the world’s largest all electric tube bending machine.

Research and Development

Use of current technology has always been at the heart of what Unison stand for. Our research and development team are constantly developing new ideas to push the boundaries of tube bending and ensure that Unison retain their position as thought leaders within the industry.

By its very nature, research and development need to retain an amount of confidentiality; if you would like to talk about our current focus areas and how our advancements could benefit your company then please do feel free to call us at any time.

Control Systems

Unison’s control topology has evolved through years of development. This investment in our control system provides us the perfect platform to coordinate complex motion and machine function with the minimum amount of hardware.

All machine functions are controlled from one PC which displays control, I/O and hardware status on a full color touch screen. Our graphical representations of machine control make complex machines and cells easy to learn and operate from just one controller.


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